2021 Poster Artist

Johnny Draco is a self-taught visual artist hailing from Atlanta Georgia who specializes in post-pop art. He says his work aims to unlock the inner child, and provide the ultimate nostalgia for his viewers as he applies his personal truth: “being a child is the purest form of creativity.”

Draco said his design process for the Denver Fringe poster involved research: “It’s really important to understand the foundation of what you’re trying to communicate. I spent a couple of hours watching Fringe performances, and interviews from around the world and really dove into what the festival is about.” 

After hearing the Fringe festival described as a “grab bag” and “conglomerate of creativity,” he created a design that would convey the variety of shows at the Denver Fringe. With bold lines and contrasting colors, Draco’s stylized, retro trench coat salesman communicates “there’s something for everyone!” at the Fringe.

Draco’s work extends beyond design to fine art, murals and vinyl toys. To see more, visit wehaverealize.com or follow @johnnydraco_ on Instagram.