Catching Icarus

Brett just stopped for some coffee as he's been driving nonstop all night. Headed for Key West, he meets his halfway-point at a South Carolina Waffle House as he contemplates his last attempt to save his estranged son, Jesse, from self-destructive behavior. As Brett stirs in this Waffle House, he befriends a local, and possibly delusional, college dropout, along with an employee spending her precious energy trying to save everyone, but herself.

As Brett tries to make sense of his shortcomings as a father, the two locals attempt to empathize through their own experiences of life's barrage of chaos. As the play progresses, the nature of parental absolutism is explored through Brett and Jesse, and Brett’s burgeoning understanding of moral relativity is challenged as he  resists to accept uncertainty and chaos in the world he's built for himself.

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Adults Only
50 Mins
Mercury Cafe
2199 California St, Denver, CO 80205

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Written & Directed by Colby Poston

Produced by Cooper Poston

Designed by Madison Dillion


Janelle- Desiree McGee

Brett- Travis Ketelsleger

Lizz- Ky-Leigh Boyland

Jesse- Nathaniel Rice

This show was fantastic. For anyone is a time of transition, for anyone who has experienced tension in a relationship between themselves and a parent/a child, or—more directly—anyone who has dealt with drug addiction in their family, this show is a profound and relatable comment on those experiences, all set in a roadside diner.
I appreciate a play that helps me understand people better, but without telling me how to feel about them, and that's why I loved CATCHING ICARUS. Each character is layered, and each layer is textured, and each texture rubs you a new way. This is a play about a father and son struggling to find each other, but keep your eye on Janelle, who at first glance seems to be just a functionary, just "a waitress," but at the end is revealed as just as rich and poignant a character as the principals. This play offers dignity and understanding where it is due, including to an audience who listens.
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Mercury Cafe

2199 California St, Denver, CO 80205

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