Portly Lutheran Know-It-All

When faced with the prospect of attending a religious middle school, Matt Storrs, a portly Lutheran boy, decides to act out for the first time in his life. Clashes with religion, sexuality, and retaliatory art n’ crafts quickly ensue. There’s personal revelation, cultural damnation, and ultimately a new reformation.

Comedy, Storytelling, Solo Performance, Family-friendly
Blue Moon Brewing Company
3750 Chestnut Pl, Denver, CO 80216

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Matt Storrs

Matt Storrs is a writer, storyteller, and comedian. He can be found online at @mtstorrs


A personal and heartwarming performance with many laughs along the way — so refreshing to experience an intimate and honest show like this!! Grab a beer and don’t miss this lovely piece.
Really enjoyable show. More conversational storytelling than theatrical. Matt is an easy-going, engaging performer and the tale of his relationship with his faith was both humorous and personal. Recommended.
Matt Storrs’ excellent 50-minute “Portly Lutheran Know It All,” outlines and examines Storrs’ love/hate relationship with his faith.

Entering onstage with a backpack, Extreme Teen Bible and a cheery disposition, Matt launched into a story about how he wanted to be a “purple witch” for Halloween as a kid. This led to humorous yarns detailing his religious and sexual awakening including one TV-ready bit where he portrayed his young self auditioning for mock trial as a Southern attorney defending Judas.

That great joke barely beat out numerous references to McDonalds’ Grimace, a refresher on “101 ways to practice abstinence,” a breakdown of all the “different ways a Lutheran person can be polite,” Bible comparisons to Dragonball Z, spin the bottle awkwardness and a tutorial on the “Song of Solomon” for us uninitiated non-Bible reading folk as my favorite chunk of the night.

While it may seem like I’ve given away the lion’s share of Matt’s show, I haven’t even scratched the surface of how much heart and story “Portly Lutheran Know It All” has. It’s a gem.
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Blue Moon Brewing Company

3750 Chestnut Pl, Denver, CO 80216

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Accessibility: The entrance, restaurant and performance space are all at street level; ADA bathrooms

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