The Princess Guide

The Princess Guide is a show about one woman's love of Mandy Patinkin. At 17, after watching MTV for too many hours a day, Amy's parents block the channel. She finds a VHS of a movie called The Princess Bride, but the tape warps before Amy finds out if Inigo Montoya found revenge for his father! Now she must set out on her own adventure to help Inigo. A story told with comedy and music.

"You are so funny" -Amy's Mom, Sandy

Adults Only
45 minutes
Comedy, Musical, Solo Performance, Storytelling
Blue Moon Brewing Company
3750 Chestnut Pl, Denver, CO 80216

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Amy Warner Geiger

I couldn’t stop laughing — a witty and whacky story, and I bought the whole thing due to a captivating performance that went ALL OUT! Loved the absurdity, the music, and the unexpected twists the story took me on. Definitely worth a watch, if you get the chance!!
The eyes grab you first. The honesty intrigues you, the humor hooks you and finally the voice … the golden voice… surprises and delights you.

Amy Warner Geiger (ne Patinkin) is a joy to watch as she weaves some truth and more than a little Mandy-love into her one woman show, The Princess Guide. As seen on opening night at the Denver Fringe Festival, Geiger shared her obsession with all things Mandy and wrapped her true feelings into a highly entertaining story plotted around her pursuit for the ending of A Princess Bride (due to a 90’s era VHS failure tragedy).

Inclusive, engaging, hilarious, tuneful, and a tad bit wacky, Geiger’s show is not to be missed!
Amy's Princess Guide was hilarious! If you've ever had a Hollywood crush or any crush for that matter, you'll love Amy's entertaining and quirky journey to meet her one true love. A Fringe Festival must-see!
This show was a great time, a fantastic ride from start to finish. The story was well told, absorbing, and the use of the physical space was masterful. Would definitely recommend.
Amy, please stop following me.
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Blue Moon Brewing Company

3750 Chestnut Pl, Denver, CO 80216

Entrance: The main doors are well marked below the Blue Moon sign

Parking: Some parking is available in the parking lot in front of the building on the street or on neighboring streets. The 38th and Blake Street light rail station is a few blocks away and there is a parking garage on 36th and Delgany.

Accessibility: The entrance, restaurant and performance space are all at street level; ADA bathrooms

Admission: You must show your ticket confirmation or purchase a ticket at the venue; all seating is general admission, audiences will wait in a queue before entry to the show

Important: If you plan to eat at the brewery before or after your show, you must make a reservation to be ensured of a table