We're All Friends

Voyage into the brain of one of Tucson's strangest comedians, as he helps you appreciate everything from mental illness to the struggle of growing to moments of pure feeling.

General/All Ages
Storytelling, Comedy, Solo Performance, Devised
Blue Moon Brewing Company
3750 Chestnut Pl, Denver, CO 80216

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Jeremy Segal

Jeremy pulled off a sort of a magic trick with this show. At first it was hard to follow his rapid-fire almost stream-of-conscious delivery sprinkled with so many asides, "likes" and "whatevers." As a performer, he is all flailing hand gestures, clenched shoulders and nervous energy. But an interesting thing happened a few minutes in. I was really captivated by his story (as, it seemed, were the audience members around me. The whole room listened intently).
There were some laugh out loud moments, but Jeremy hardly slows down for laughs. Plus, the funniest bits seemed to come during the first part of the show, that adjustment period. His tale becomes more introspective as he goes along.
His show kind of stands at the cross-roads of storytelling, stand-up and personal confession. More intimate than theatrical. The story of an on-again-off-again relationship, mental health and connection proved to be quite personal, relatable and engaging.
Catch it if you can.
It's an intriguing journey Jeremy takes you on - a rapid flow of images that feels like stream of consciousness but coalesces into something meaningful, all tied up in a satisfying and humorous bow. Go see it!
Insightful, touching, humorous, and heartfelt. I've heard Jeremy tell this story multiple times and every time, it moves me.
I saw Jeremy performing in flagstaff he is definitely a promising comedian
Jeremy Segal's "We're All Friends" was both touching and entertaining!
So relatable!! This brought me back to the moment when I was first dating, trying to make my way in the world. Jeremy is a fantastic storyteller and I appreciate his honest approach.
I was blown away by how Jeremy bravely shared his true, heartwarming and at times funny stories of navigating the minefield of friendship while dealing with his own inner struggles.
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Blue Moon Brewing Company

3750 Chestnut Pl, Denver, CO 80216

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